Colors Which Should Appear in Your Logo Designs

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Logos form the very important part of a company. It is an significant feature if you want to attract enough customers. Look at famous logos around the world like McDonalds, the simplicity but attractiveness of the logo creates a worldwide image of the company. When making a logo, it is important to consider the letters and colors involved. The blend of colors is crucial because the eye of a human being is attracted to colors. There are various colors which you should consider when using a free logo design templates.

1) Color Black

Black is not dull as people perceive. In fact, it is bright and bold in its own way. It does not matter which letter, numbers, watermarks or symbols you use. The background should also have the black color because most colors blend very well with it. If there is a color your free logo design templates should not lack even if it is a full stop, is black.

2) Color White

The opposite of black is white and the functions are shared. For bright colors, white could also work as a background color. To attract the eye of people whenever you go, white and a compliment of bright colors should be used. If you don’t like black, white could be the next alternative.

3) Color Purple

Elegance has followed this color since time and most interior designers have their logos blended with a lot of purple. Most of the seals from kings of the past and their robes all had purple. The advantage of purple is that it can be used with either white or black as the background.

4) Color Red

Everyone knows Coca-Cola and the red color makes it stand out above all other logos. If you love bright colors, red should be in your bucket list. A free logo design template should have the option of a red color.


There are many colors across the world, but the above-listed ones blend with other colors nicely. Consider them for your next free logo design template. They are eye-catching will change how your website looks the moment you add the logo. However, do not feel limited to these few colors; if they are not among your corporate colors, work with what portrays your products image.


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